We at Business Region Borås are proud to be in Simonsland and be a part of the history that has characterized Borås and the entire region. Now there is less industrial production in the area but the speed and bustle of people is even higher.

Clusters and activities

Textile Fashion Center has a number of independent operations that are united in a textile cluster. It is a collaboration between companies, research institutes, education and organizations that work for innovation and business development. Three parts form the basis of the operation, the collaboration of which is referred to as the triple helix.

It is Borås City, The University of Borås and the combined business community in Sjuhärad. The basic idea is that creative processes best take place in interaction between the municipality and society, companies and academia – a success concept that is known all over the world.

"There is potential for new business, companies, products and research results"

This is a place that stands out against other clusters through its unique environment and concept. Here is free thinking combined with high-level knowledge and research so that entrepreneurship can grow with confidence and authenticity.

Read more about the business and which organizations are active at fashion center.

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