Experience shows that well-functioning collaboration between industry, academia and the public sector is the key to successful industry development.

In the Borås region there are a number of established clusters where business, municipality and education/research provide the opportunity to develop specific industries and growth in the region.


Sjuhärad has a long history in textile production. For hundreds of years, people have made a living developing new materials and producing textiles. Today, the region is teeming with modern companies that build their development on the know-how of history. Everything from fiber manufacturing, leather garage for the interior and automotive industry, workwear, protective clothing, fashion companies, energy weave companies, technical textiles and much more.

Textile Fashion Center is a place that stands out through its unique environment and concept. Textile Fashion Center has potential for new business, companies, products and research results, but also for further qualitative education and a broad collaboration between culture and education made possible by the co-location.

At Smart Textiles, research, industry, institutions and the public sector meet to find the solutions of the future today. As part of the University of Borås, Smart Textiles can offer a comprehensive concept with the emphasis on experimental research, prototype development and financial support. They are the obvious partner, when a textile idea is to be realized or a need is met with textile technology.

Marketplace Borås, in the Textile Fashion Center, is a collaboration between Borås City, The University of Borås, Nordisk Designskola and the business community. Together, Marketplace Borås works to strengthen Borås and Sjuhärad's position in fashion, textiles and design. Through Marketplace Borås' business network, you become larger than as an individual player.

E-commerce & Logistics

The Borås region has a strong tradition in retail and as the nordic region's leading area in distance trading. We have built up a competence in logistics and a well-developed infrastructure that gives us an advantage over others, and that forms the basis for successful digital commerce. But what really makes the region unique is the people. Here it is crawling with experienced entrepreneurs who have the will to realize their visions and big ideas. With a common view and a commitment to the Borås region, it has given rise to the association E-handelsstaden Borås.

E-handelsstaden Borås was founded in 2014 as a non-profit association on the initiative of three driven e-commerce companies from Borås and already the first initiatives were taken for the popular breakfast meetings. The following year; In 2015, the association switched to an economic association and the vision of consolidating Borås as the Nordic region's obvious trading hub was set. A vision that the association, together with its member companies, works towards on a daily basis to achieve!

The association's goal is to develop the region's position as a modern trading area into the future and create opportunities for investment, establishments and growth.

E-handelsstaden Borås is a platform with great interaction between the business community, Borås City, the University of Borås and other educational actors. Our vision is that the Borås region will become the nordic region's natural trading hub!

Creative Cluster

Creative Cluster is a forum where people from creative and cultural industries meet and discuss new forms of collaboration. The starting point is the knowledge that these industries not only generate great values for people and society themselves, but that they are also necessary drivers for other industries and industries. For example, what would a car be without its design, brand and marketing?
Therefore, access to art and culture in a country, region or city is not only a democratic issue, but very much an economic one. The goal of Creative Cluster is therefore to promote business, development opportunities and networks in the city of Borås.
The initiator and principal of creative cluster is Borås Stads Näringslivsenhet. Creative Cluster, then known as Creative Camp, started in spring 2012.

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