Clusters in the Borås region

In the Borås region there are a number of established clusters where business, municipalities and education/research provide the opportunity to develop specific industries and growth in the region. Experience shows that effective collaboration between business, academia and the public sector is the key to successful industry development.

Cluster - textile industry

Sjuhärad has a long history of textile production. Today, the region is full of modern companies that build their development on historical know-how. Everything from fiber manufacturing, leather tanning for the interior and automotive industry, workwear, protective clothing, fashion companies, energy weaving companies, technical textiles and much more.

Textile Fashion Center is a place distinguished by its unique environment and concept. In Textile Fashion Center there is potential for new business, companies, products and research results but also for further qualitative education and a broad cooperation between culture and education made possible by the co-location.

At Smart Textiles , research, industry, institutions and the public sector meet to find the solutions of the future today. As part of the University of Borås, Smart Textiles can offer a comprehensive concept with an emphasis on experimental research, prototyping and financial support. They are the obvious partner when a textile idea is to be realized or a need met with textile technology.

Marketplace Borås, in the Textile Fashion Center, is a collaboration between the City of Borås, the University of Borås, the Nordic Design School and the business community. Together, Marketplace Borås works to strengthen Borås and Sjuhärad's position in fashion, textiles and design. Through Marketplace Borås' business network, you become bigger than as an individual player.

Clusters - e-commerce and logistics

The Borås region has a strong tradition in retail and as the leading area in the Nordic region for distance selling. We have built up expertise in logistics and a well-developed infrastructure that gives us an advantage over others, and forms the basis for successful digital commerce. But what really makes the region unique is its people. It is full of experienced entrepreneurs who have the will to realize their visions and big ideas.

The e-commerce city of Borås was started in 2014 as a non-profit association on the initiative of three driven e-commerce enthusiasts from Borås and already then the first initiatives were taken for the popular breakfast meetings. The following year; 2015, the association became an economic association and the vision of consolidating Borås as the Nordic region's obvious trade hub was set. The association's goal is to develop the region's position as a modern trading area into the future and create opportunities for investments, establishments and growth. The e-commerce city of Borås is a platform with great interaction between the business community, the City of Borås, the University of Borås and other educational actors. 

Clusters - automotive industry

The Borås region and West Sweden form a cluster of companies that drive the automotive industry forward. Here are world-leading test beds, vehicle manufacturers, subcontractors, research and universities that together create the vehicles of tomorrow. Test beds such as Rise, Hällered, AstaZero, Awitar and Test Center Autoliv operate in the region and help the automotive industry to develop the technology of the future.

From mail order to e-commerce. Around West Sweden there are almost 100,000 students, doctoral students and future engineers at various colleges and universities. Business Region Borås also runs the exciting SHADES (System Safety through the Combination of HMI and Dependable Systems) project, which studies the effects of errors in automated vehicles and proposes methods for safe transitions to manual driving.
Global manufacturers. Autoliv, Volvo Cars, Geely, Volvo Buses and Nevs. West Sweden has a long tradition of vehicle manufacturing and is today prepared with large resources to continue to drive development forward.
A network of subcontractors. Around the Borås region there are hundreds of subcontractors in Borås, Mark, Tranemo and Svenljunga that are vital to the automotive industry.

Our areas of strength - from automotive to fashion

Some industries have grown particularly strong in the Borås region. There is a world-class manufacturing industry, expertise in e-commerce and logistics, unique test beds for the automotive industry and a textile industry with absolute cutting edge in circular design, textiles and fashion.

Textile Borås


The Borås region is Europe's absolute spearhead in circular design, textiles and fashion with Science Park Borås, the Textile Fashion Center and the Swedish School of Textiles.

Automotive Borås


The Borås region has long experience of the automotive industry and is home to several world-leading companies and subcontractors with unique test beds for future vehicle safety.

Manufacturingundustri Borås

Manufacturing industry

The Borås region is home to specialists in metal and plastic manufacturing, tool manufacturing and subcontractors to the automotive industry. Here you as a company work side by side with a world-class manufacturing industry.

Trade and logistics in Borås

Trade and logistics

The Borås region has a long experience of trade, which today has developed into an expertise in e-commerce and logistics. Almost all well-known logistics companies are represented here.

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