Increased cooperation on green transition establishments

West Sweden is one of the regions in the world that invests the most in research and development in relation to the size of the economy, with industry accounting for a large share. The business community is in the midst of major transformations with electrification and circularity as key words, which requires both innovation, changed competencies and common new ways of planning for new large business establishments and expansion investments. Region Västra Götaland is now investing SEK 13.5 million in a project that will increase cooperation on establishments for the green transition in Västra Götaland. It will result in a developed collaboration between Västra Götaland's establishment and export promoters to market Västra Götaland's progress in the green transition and attract sustainable business establishments and investments.
- We public actors can become even better at coordinating and promoting new business establishments that contribute to the region's competitiveness. Therefore, the project and cooperation with our establishment offices is important and in demand," says Helena Starfelt, Head of Business Development, Region Västra Götaland.

Strengthening the innovation capacity of SMEs

The collaboration project, led by VGR, contains various work packages that deal with developing industrial structure and value chains, increased offer readiness in interaction with municipalities and other stakeholders, expansion opportunities for existing businesses and market processing with the aim of promoting establishments.- The green transition is crucial to increasing the region's competitiveness in the long term for both small, medium and large companies, where the large companies often act as an engine for development, and smaller companies drive new solutions and innovation. The operational establishment work is currently carried out in Västra Götaland's four municipal associations or business companies, says Andreas Albertsson, regional developer.Other co-financiers are the Regional Fund West Sweden, Fyrbodal's municipal association, Sjuhärad's municipal association, Business Region Göteborg and Skaraborg's municipal association. The total project investment is SEK 33.5 million over a three-year period, starting now and ending in December 2026.

More information: Linda Bergholtz,

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