In Mark municipality there is the combination of a strong economy and growth geographically in all directions and edges. With the proximity to Borås, Gothenburg and Varberg there are all opportunities to enjoy nature, sea and urban pulse.

Land is a place to grow. In the municipality there are companies in several different industries, many in textile manufacturing that also characterize much of Mark's cultural heritage. The municipality of Mark has a low proportion of unemployed. A large proportion are employed in the manufacturing and extractive industries, but many also work in agriculture, construction, energy and trade.

Thanks to the favourable geographical location with Borås, Gothenburg and Varberg as well as Landvetter Airport and lower housing prices compared to the big cities, Mark Municipality attracts new municipal residents. Mark municipality is growing and the municipality has a housing supply program with the goal of offering a varied range of accommodation in all parts of the municipality. Here is a secondary school that offers both theoretical and practical education and also has a sports program with a national intake.

In terms of the overall quality of education in the municipality, this is very good. For the students in year 9 spring semester 2016, Mark is ranked 55th out of 290 municipalities.

In Mark municipality, everyone should have access to good culture and meaningful leisure time. There is a rich association life here that engages many people. Mark also offers fantastic nature experiences with miles of forests, valleys, lakes and rivers. All in all, this invites exciting activities in the wilderness, but also to relax and just enjoy the location of the good life in Mark. Mark municipality has a rich association life that engages many people. Examples of this are Marbobasket, which plays in the top women's league. Handball, football, golf and floorball are other major sports with many practitioners in the municipality. During the summer months, several city festivals are arranged around the municipality. Other attractions for residents as well as visitors are Rydal Museum and the many textile shops.

Distance Landvetter: 35 minutes

Distance Borås: 35 minutes

Gothenburg distance: 50 minutes

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