Business Region Borås

Business Region Borås has a unique position in Sweden in entrepreneurship and business development. There are already well-established e-commerce and logistics companies together with exciting startups, universities and research. Here you get all the prerequisites for investing and establishing your business.

Local entrepreneurial spirit for global markets
Business Region Borås is Scandinavia's leading textile centre with some of the largest textile companies in the Nordic region. Here, the textile industry has developed over a long period of time, with good contacts in transport, distribution and smart e-commerce solutions.

With over 1.5 million people in the local area, an expansive corporate life, students, universities and research, there are great opportunities for companies operating in information, communication, technology, logistics, textiles and fashion.

Modern communication network
Our geographical location facilitates trade, distribution and communication. Through nearby ports, airports, motorways and rail links, goods and people are transported quickly to Scandinavia's largest cities and out into the world.

"Hundreds of vacant plots are ready, with millions of square meters for those who need land to establish."

In 2017, the region had a population growth of 10,000 people. Within a five-year period, we expect to have almost 5,000 new homes ready for occupancy.

Well-developed logistics and distribution
Existing distribution networks are currently available to the Scandinavian countries, the Baltics, Russia and most of the countries of Eastern Europe. DSV, DHL, ENS, Schenker/BTL, Itella Logistics, Aditro Logistics are some of many logistics companies in the region. Several of these also offer services in third-party logistics.

Time to live
Quality of life and high municipal services characterise the Borås region. It is never far from the capitals of untouched nature and beautiful lakes. An extensive cultural life, zoo, sports facilities, attractive commercial areas, golf courses and high municipal services are always close at hand. About 1.5 million people live within a 10-mile radius.

Information, communication and technology

Companies in the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) industries have a strong presence in the Borås region. Here you will find solid expertise to develop embedded systems, infrastructure & cloud services, mobile technology, logistics and transport.

Technology Borås

Vehicle safety

The Borås region has extensive experience in the automotive industry and is already one step ahead in automotive and vehicle safety. A large cluster of companies, subcontractors, universities and testbeds are ready to work together to meet the challenges of the future.


Rise, AstaZero, Awitar and Test Center Autoliv. The Borås region already has established test environments and experienced staff developing the next generation of technology. Wireless communication systems, autonomous vehicles and active security systems are just some of many ongoing projects.

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